Debt Portfolio Servicer

Northern Management, major player in the Debt Collections Industry as a debt buyer

We buy debt from multiple industries and outsource the servicing of them.

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Founded for the Masses, Northern Management is one of the most active debt buying firms. We have established a team of professionals focused on finding profitable debt portfolios and ensuring the servicing of them efficiently.

We employ a long-established strategy of sector-focused debt purchases across all of our markets.

We seek to purchase debt of countless lending institutions and partner with reliable debt collection management teams to create value by driving collection revenues and earnings growth.

Large Debt Buyer

& Europe

Servicing Monthly
$13 M

Our Sector Knowledge


We invest in five corere industry sectors where we have substantial experience and deep local and international knowle Business &

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Industrial global

Industrial global

Financials, Industrial

Materials technology

Materials technology

Financials, Materials

Our clients know

Northern Management is one of the largest and most experienced global debt buyer groups

We seek to purchase millions of dollars of debt in industries for creditors that are well positioned and performing.

Laura Von Sky

Finance Consult Manager

At Northern Management, I manage the financials for the organization from the purchase of a portfolio to its full collection sell off cycle, making sure as much money is made from the debt as possible.

John Klyne

Collections Consult Manager

At Northern Management, I try and manage the collections process from start to finish, by making sure our contracted agencies are collecting upon our portfolios in a formidable manner following all federal and state regulations.

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