Collection Agency Skip Tracing Services

Collection Agency Skip Tracing Services

Northern Management has been offering collection agencies multiple services for years. We have a wide range of clientele from smaller agencies to some as large as 100 employees.

We offer professional skip tracing services to the collections industry. We take pride in our low cost solutions and quality of service. We understand that finding debtors is not easy, and we further understand that closing accounts is even harder.

We are Northern Management and offer skip tracing services not just to collection agencies but other industries. Give us a call to find out more.

Affordable Skip Tracing Services

We locate debtors daily, with millions of accounts in experience!

Affordable Skip Tracing

No one* will beat our prices!

Our pricing is simple, on a per account basis.
Or we can even offer 1 single skip tracer for you, 40 hours a week.

Who else can offer you a dedicated skip tracer? Someone to do things just the way you want them to when you want them to?

Skip Tracing Services

$50Per Day

Depending on how intensive you want the skip tracing to be, it is always a flat fee per day. That means you get around 120 accounts for intensive skip tracing done, or around 1,000 accounts for basic manual* skip tracing done. 

It depends entirely on you and your needs.

Dedicated Skip Tracer

$800.00Per Month

Want a dedicated skip tracer to work for you? We offer skip tracers for a monthly cost. The employee will skip accounts how you want them skipped, when you want them skipped with varying degrees of intensity. You can have them skip as low as 10 accounts a day for intensely hard to locate debtors, or high value accounts to skip tracing around 1,000 accounts daily for mere phone number hits for the debtors. You get the employee for a full month (20 business days).

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