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Point Calling Services

Are you not reaching enough debtors on a daily basis? Were you sued for using dialer systems, broadcast dialers, or predictive dialers? Are you afraid of the legal reprocussions of using them?

What if I said Northern Management offers affordable point calling services to different industries. Would you be interested in finding out how many debtors 1 agent on your campaign can reach a day if they make 350-400 calls a day, 5 days a week?





  • Agent will make 350-400+ calls a day.
  • They will come in and leave at the same time every day.
  • They will say what you want them to.
  • They will pick up inbound calls or make outbound calls.
  • They will follow your script and instructions word for word.
  • They will transfer debtors or consumers to your office lines.
  • They will notate accounts appropriately, add good numbers or even remove bad numbers.
  • They will increase the number of debtors you speak to daily.
  • They will lead to greater profits.
  • They are an extension of your organization.
  • They will only work for you day after day. There is no sharing of agents with other clients.
  • We do NOT* need access to a collections management software.
  • All we would require is a first name, last name and phone numbers to dial out on.
  • We can use our phone system, or yours.
We Want To Help You Make Money

We take pride in our services, and are certain of the quality offered. Reach out to us today and discuss with a representative what we can truly offer you.

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