About Northern Management

As a party member, to pool funds to purchase past due accounts receivables, you can choose which portfolio it is you would like to invest in. When speaking to an agent at Northern Management, ask to know which portfolio you would like to be able to invest in.

You can make an investment in a portfolio simply by contacting Northern Management LLC and ask to speak to speak to someone in regards to making an investment in a portfolio. You will receive contracts to sign and send back to our organization. After such takes place, and all of your questions are answered, you will be given access to the ability to review portfolios for sale.

You will choose which purchase you want to partake in, and be given instructions on how to make a deposit or transfer, to your account at Northern Management.

After all the funds from our clients have been pooled to equal the purchase price of the portfolio, the portfolio will be purchased, and designated to collection agencies to collect upon.

Northern Management, keeps accurate records of accounts that are scheduled to pay, or have paid. Using such records, we supply our clients with a report bi-weekly on the status of the accounts, automatically through an online medium. Information is readily available because we believe by having all our clients informed, better decisions are made down the line.

Quantity Model Strategies

Our approach is simple in nature. We believe all individuals with past due bills want to pay their bills but can’t. We can’t change someones financial situation, but we can give them time to pay their bills on their terms.* With such notion, quantity is kindly king. The more accounts we can purchase per dollar, with a reliable chain, the greater our return on investment.

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