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Northern Management’s call center outsourcing services entail a number of different things. The list below is not definitive of everything we can do. If you would like something performed please do reach out to us to discuss the matter.

Below you will find services offered that are performed through the phone (call center setting)

  • Inbound and outbound call taking services.
  • Telephone answering services
  • Telephone answering services
  • Appointment reminders and scheduling
  • Customer service solutions
  • Order taking services
  • Payment processing services
  • Virtual receptionist services

Northern Management’s call center outsourcing services not only offers voice-related services where an agent is required to be on the phone but we also do a number of back-end processing services.

  • Data entry services
  • Debt collections skip tracing services
  • Document sending services
  • Remit report generation, sales commission tracking
  • Compliance audits and recording reviews
  • Article writing services
Business Services

We offer countless back end business outsourcing services at affordable rates.

Inbound/Outbound Services

Inbound and outbound call center services. We will make calls, generate leads or pickup calls for you and your business.

Commissions and Remit Tracking

We also perform commission and financial reporting/tracking services as well as remit report generation for certain industries such as collections.

Order Taking Services

We perform order taking services for restaurants, appointment reminders and scheduling for doctors or lawyers. There isn't something we haven't done!

Customer Support

There are many variations to customer support related services. Try us out and see what we can offer.

Security and Compliance

Northern Management performs compliance audits for a multitude of industries from organizations such as collections to accounting. We will review phone logs, performance reports, listen to recordings and calls made, anything and everything to ensuring compliance as per our clients instructions.

Industries Serviced

Accounts Receivables Industry, providing skip tracing services, debtpr contact services, inbound and outbound phone call campaigns, payment processing, report generation, commissions, report and remit tracking services.

Real Estate Wholesaling Industry. We provide virtual assistants, within our offices who can find properties to contract. They can find buyers or sellers of properties, quote prices and do practically anything else a real estate career minded individual may need.

Restaurants. We can provide telephone answering and order taking services. We can take orders and have them sent directly to your email or text you on the whim as needed the proper details so you don’t have to worry about missing a single order or reservation.

Doctors/Lawyers/Professionals. We can offer telephone answering services, appointment taking, or appointment reminding services. We can act as your virtual assistant, data entry employee, or just about anything else that requires a computer or a phone.

Construction Industry. A lot of contractors in this day and age don’t have the time to hire a secretary to sit there and pickup calls. Nor, do they have the time to pickup the phone from a possible new roofing client when they are working. Never miss a phone call again. We will pickup every single one of your phone calls, take messages, and revert important messages to you. A new client is going to call the next contractor if you don’t pickup the phone. We can offer affordable virtual assistants.

Other- We can offer data entry services, voice transcription services, sales and marketing planning, new client retention and lead generation services. Is there something that you feel your organization is lacking? Reach out to us for a short discussion. We will help find a solution to your business pain points, guaranteed!

A employee knows he has achieved perfection in his services not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

John Aristeus Klyne  / Abstract Director